SimPal Boutique is registered specially to deal with fashion industries as a division within the SimPal group.

SimPal group was established in 1993 as an IT company in India, however due to the changing built environment and the growing needs of our Clients; it became necessary to broaden the services that could be provided by SimPal, so as to offer multi-disciplinary management consulting services, information technology, desktop publishing, computer academy, printing, event management, photography, videography under one banner.

SimPal has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-disciplinary practice offering our Clients the specialist individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing project environment. Simpal sees teamwork on every project as the key success element and is responsible for creating this environment. The over-all project manager is duty-bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.

Products of SimPal Boutique

  • Wedding gowns
  • Party cocktail dress
  • Kids cocktail dress
  • Wedding accessories
  • Handcraft bags
  • Dancing shoes
  • Dancing costumes
  • Dancing accessories
  • Perfumes
  • Watches


SimPal believes in humility, professionalism and quality; but one thing that inspires these qualities is spirit of giving back. It is this spirit of this company that separates it from others. It is a company with its heart in place.

The three main characteristics that define “SIMPAL” are

  1. Surviving in spite of all adversities
  2. Constantly evolving, with new ideas, new companies.
  3. Centeredness

Also the feeling of giving back to the society is a very deep-rooted belief of SimPal Group of Companies.


Our Mission is to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform from which to service the built environment and in particular, our valued Clients.


As a part of SimPal group, SimPal Boutique will offer a wide range of wedding gowns, cocktail dress, dancing shoes, accessories etc.

SimPal group wants to support all the handcraft SME, the industry that is vanishing these days. So, SimPal boutique is promoting handcraft bags in their outlets.

SimPal boutique also gives wedding gowns on rent for the clients who cannot afford to buy wedding gowns on their wedding days.


SimPal believes in a hands-on approach on all projects. That is why a Director of the firm will always be in control of the key functions on our projects. SimPal is equipped with the latest technology and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.

SimPal Boutique will offer rental service on wedding gowns, discounts for dancing students and non-profitable organizations.


SimPal is a capable and dedicated multi-disciplinary management consultancy with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our Client’s expectations.

Our experienced and focused teams are well placed and equipped and contain the correct experience and qualifications to carry out their functions with diligence and skill. It is our vision that SimPal may be of service to all prospective Clients in the Private, Professional and Public sector.